What big and notable things have you achieved in your life so far?


Do you remember when you first learnt how to do the skills that enabled you to achieve some of the biggest things you have done? For example, if you have just won a swimming competition, do you remember what it was like when you were first learning to swim? Do you remember how nervous you were when you swam in water so deep that you couldn't touch the bottom? Were you scared? Was there someone there to help you if you got into difficulty?

Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. “It’s a ghost,” they said, and cried out in fear. But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

“Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.”

“Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. 

Matthew 14:29

Peter was scared, because the waves were high and the wind was strong, but Jesus was there to help him, and when he started to sink, Jesus picked him up again and helped him get back into the boat.

Sometimes believing in Jesus means needing to be big and brave and take a step of faith, stepping out of the safety of the boat and into the unknown. When life is hard, it can be easy to doubt that God will help us.  But, just like Jesus helped Peter to have courage in the scary times, he will help us too.


A challenge...

What do you think Jesus might be asking you to do this week in order to live for him? How could you step out of the boat in faith like Peter did?

Every time you turn on a tap this week, ask God what brave steps he wants you to take to follow him.

A Prayer...

Dear God, please help me to be brave this week and have the courage, like Peter, to step out of the comfort and safety of the boat and follow you.  Amen

In today's story Peter, one of Jesus' disciples, took a very brave step of faith when he followed Jesus' call to get out of the boat and walk to him.