Little Ones

Have you ever been chosen to do something really special, something that not everyone gets to do?

How did it make you feel?Nervous?...Excited?...Joyful?...Overwhelmed?...Happy?...Scared?...

Mary was chosen by God to do a very special thing. She was chosen to be Jesus' mummy! Mary was no ordinary mummy, she was an extra ordinary mummy, and Jesus was no ordinary baby, he was an extra-ordinary baby...he is the Son of God, Emmanuel!

Mary had mixed feelings about the special job she had been asked to do. How do you think she felt when the angel said to her,

“Don’t be afraid! God is pleased with you, and you will have a son. His name will be Jesus."

Luke 1: 30 - 31

A challenge...

Did you know that God has got a special plan for your life too? It won't be the same as his plan for Mary's life, but it will be exciting, just like God's plan for Mary's life was. What sort of special things do you think God might want you to do?

Ask God to show you what special things he would like you to do for him this advent and Christmas time.

Mary knew it would be hard, but she trusted in God, and knew he would be with her and would help her.

A Prayer...

Dear God, please show me what exciting things you would like me to do for you? Help me to be brave like Mary was, and to get excited about the plans you have for me too. Amen